2 May 2017 - FluidOil and Steam Oil Cooperation Agreement

FluidOil has entered into a cooperation agreement with The Steam Oil Production Company to explore the potential of integrating FluidOil's VHTL heavy oil upgrading technology into an offshore steam flooding project >

13 April 2017 - Potential acquisition of FluidOil by Canadian public company

FluidOil announces that on 12 April 2017, Dawson Gold Corp. (NEX: DYU.H) announced the potential acquisition of FluidOil by way of reverse takeover >

14 March 2017 - New Appointments

FluidOil welcomes Alireza Aghighi Rad and Francisco Zaragoza, who join the company as Process Engineers and bring valuable analytical and technical expertise to accelerate the commercialisation of VHTL.

01 March 2017 - New Basingstoke office

FluidOil has moved to a new head office at Eastlands II in Basingstoke, England, giving the company a perfect base for the next stage in it's development.

16 January 2017 - Heavy oil upgrading test programme

FluidOil has finalised a six-month testing programme to prove and optimise the commercial benefits of its proprietary and patented heavy oil upgrading technology.

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VHTL is a unique thermal conversion process based around a simplified version of a conventional oil process known as Fluidised Catalytic Cracking (FCC), used extensively in refineries today.

The key differences are lower reaction temperatures, lower atmospheric pressure and the use of readily available sand instead of expensive catalysts.

Heavy oil can be upgraded from 6.5 API gravity to produce a synthetic crude oil up to 29 API in one operation.


Global oil demand is set to grow until 2040 and lighter oil resources are being rapidly depleted. This creates an opportunity for developing the vast global resources of heavy oil. 

However, world-wide production of heavy oil has been constrained because conventional methods of extraction, transportation and refining are too cost intensive and therefore uneconomic.

VHTL is a new solution to this heavy oil challenge.
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